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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most cost effective mental healthcare by ensuring that care delivery:

  • Is equivalent to or exceeds nationally recognized professional standards of care and practice

  • Is carried out with caring actions and attitudes in a safe, sanitary environment

  • Promotes patient confidence

  • Improves the quality of each patient’s life in a cost-effective manner.


Genesis offers mental health clients both inpatient hospitalization as well as outpatient healthcare services. Our inpatient psychiatric hospitalization is a time-limited and structured treatment program which offers intensive and structured clinical services within a stable and safe homelike environment.

Client care will be provided through:

1. Our Mission Statement, which outlines values, commitment, serves as a foundation for planning, implementation and evaluation of goals.

2. Long-range strategic planning with GBH leadership to determine the services to be provided.

3. Establishment of annual goals and objectives that are consistent with the GBH mission and based on a collaborative assessment of needs.

4. GBH Plan for Client Services Planning and design conducted by GBH leadership.

5. Provision of services that are appropriate to the scope and level required by the clients to be served and uniform through the organization.

6. An on-going evaluation of services conducted through formalized processes, i.e., performance improvement activities, budgeting and staffing plans, client and family satisfaction surveys, etc.

7. Appropriate job enrichment, employee development and continuing education opportunities which serve to ensure competence of the staff, promote retention of staff, and to foster excellence in care delivery and support services.


8. Appropriate direction, management and leadership of all services and/or departments.

9. Staffing resources available to appropriately meet the needs of the clients served.

10. Systems that promote the integration of services which support the clients’ continuum of care needs.

11. Appointment of appropriate committees, task forces, improvement teams and other forums to ensure interdepartmental collaboration on issues of mutual concern and requiring multi-disciplinary input.

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