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Please contact us at 337-442-6254 to speak with an Admissions Coordinator. Referral information can be faxed to 337-442-6112.


Genesis Behavioral Hospital accepts most insurance and managed care plans, Medicare, & Medicaid. Our staff will be happy to investigate insurance benefits or private payment options, as well as negotiate a single individual case agreement rate with a company that the hospital is not affiliated with.


After speaking to an Admissions Coordinator, the clinical information will be reviewed by the treatment team to determine if the client meets clinical criteria for inpatient admission.


Upon arrival to the hospital, the client will be assessed in the Admissions Department. If the client is appropriate for admission and admission orders have been received from the accepting physician, all of the consents and admission paperwork will be completed. The patient will then be escorted to the unit and assigned a room. The staff will begin orienting the new patient to the program, and various clinical evaluations will begin.


Accommodations are semi-private (2 patients per room) with a shared bathroom.


An individual who is preparing for admission to Genesis Behavioral Hospital may bring the following items:


  • Casual, comfortable clothes: T-shirts should not have writing or pictures which may be offensive to others. Clothing items with belts, drawstrings, or cords are not allowed. Athletic shoes should have Velcro-type closure. Shoe strings may not be used.

  • Pajamas, robe (without a belt), and slippers.

  • Toiletries suggestions (items will be kept behind nurses' station for safety reasons): toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, combs, brushes, lotions, and cordless razors.

  • Please limit belongings to one suitcase.



Things to leave at home:


  • Money

  • Jewelry

  • Cell Phone

  • Food of any kind

  • Purse

  • Any other valuables



If you have any specific questions regarding Genesis Behavioral Hospital or would like to begin the admission process, please contact us


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